Economic public law / public contracts

Attorneys at Kalliopé intervene in all areas of economic public law, whether as advisors or litigators.

Our expertise is directed at both public and private sectors actors who are confronted to public law issues of growing complexity.

We may advise our clients at any stage of their project’s life on public law matters, given our unique project management know-how.

We have particularly proven expertise in public contracts (public markets, public service delegation contracts, licence of occupation of public lands) and of Public/Private Partnerships (PPPs). We thus assist our clients to determine what contractual scheme would best serve the proposed project, to draft it and to secure its conclusion.

We also advise our clients on matters relating to government interventionism in economic affairs, in particular on direct financing matters (subsidies, government-sponsored financial aids) as well as structural and capital stock issues (foundation of public interest groups (GIPs), equity investment by public entities, management of the mixed investment companies (SEMs), etc.).

We also advise our clients on matters related to how the applicable regulation applies to their business (renewable energies, energy, transportation, health).

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