Environmental Law

Kalliopé offers a wide cross-functional array of legal services in environmental law: classified facilities, wastes, potentially polluted sites and grounds, sanitary regulations applicable to real estate assets, renewable energies, sustainable development, water, “green acts”, etc.

In particular, we advise corporations, property developers, and local and regional authorities on the drafting and negotiation of contracts and environmental clauses (sales, purchases, leases, representations & warranties, etc.) as well as on the legal analysis of the environmental risks relating to industrial or real estate projects.

Additionally, we have developed a unique expertise in the management of project in order to assist our clients from the creation stage (impact assessment, filing of authorisation or declaration requests to the relevant authorities, public enquiries, etc.) to the closing down of their classified facilities: we then assist them both in preparing the administrative filings and subsequent obtaining of administrative authorisations, and in dealing with the competent authorities, as well as in determining the strategy to be adopted in terms of information for the public and dealing with the environment protection syndicates.

We also have developed specific expertise in ICPE (classified facility for the protection of environment)-related litigation, in particular as regards polluting facilities and crisis management situations (accidental pollution, destruction of species risks, etc.).

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