Our core values

Kalliopé is not just another law firm.

We have set up a firm where attorneys are passionate about their work;

Where curiosity for our clients’ activities makes us better lawyers every day;

Where each one maintains an enthusiasm equal to the one he had on the day he was sworn in.

We develop a new approach to the practice of the law consisting in three milestones: entrepreneurship, conviviality and cooperativeness.

Our doors are open so as to facilitate the flow of ideas. We like to work together. Creative, enthusiast and dynamic, we know that the best solutions stem from sharing and confronting views.

We attach the utmost importance to education and therefore hire top candidates to whom we bring excellent training and teach Kalliopé’s values.

We follow the evolutions in each of our clients’ business sectors in order to best anticipate their future operational needs and offer them innovative solutions based on a businesswise analysis of their case.

Finally, we share a common commitment to safeguarding the environment. We have chosen since our inception a Sustainable Development behaviour aimed at limiting the environmental impact of our professional activities, such as selecting our product and service providers on the basis of strict environmental criteria.

Nos dernières actualités

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