Basic principles

Kalliopé ambitions to offer its clients a legal service that matches their sensitivity. Therefore we have implemented in our firm’s DNA those values which permit us to best address our clients' needs.


We offer our clients complementary expertises and complete services in the main fields of private and public business law.

Well trained, attorneys at our firm are able to address clients’ cases in both an advisor’s capacity when assisting them in completing their projects, and a protector’s capacity to defend their interests in litigious cases.

The synergies of our competences enable us to offer you innovative and cross-functional solutions.

Partner’s involvement

At Kalliopé, partners keep control over their cases.

Each partner is involved in the dealing of the cases that he is in charge of, and personally provides feedbacks to the clients with no dilution of either responsibilities or pieces of information.


We know that the reason why a client calls us upon is that he/she is going through times when he/she needs to be listened to and assisted continuously. We deem our availability the keystone of our organisation in order to always be as close to our clients and their cases as we can.

Transparent and competitive billing

Our independence and light structure enable us to avoid useless expenses. We guarantee our clients a transparent and competitive billing as to our fees and overheads.

Operational vision

We know that legal advice may only be relevant when enabling a project to be properly carried out or an issue to be resolved. Thus our job not solely consists in warning our clients of the legal issues that they may be faced with, but also in finding practical, efficient, concrete and adapted solutions that bring them immediate and long-lasting responses.

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