Welcome to Kalliopé,
a firm of lawyers, driven by nature.

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Alexis Pichot

Our people share with you a certitude: collaboration is the best way to resolve complex issues and to develop tailored and practical solutions, drawn upon our experience in your specific sector area.

OUR LAW FIRM, specialised both in private and public business law, was founded on the belief that a different way of doing things was possible. We have the KNOW-HOW and we add our particular mindset to it.

Our philosophy?
Sustainability, based on the convergence of interests between our clients, associates and partners.
Our pride?
Your trust for the past 15 years.

Serious, without taking ourselves too seriously, we share our energy, solidarity and high standards with the people whom we recruit.
This is our nature.
Let’s go further together.

Sorry, our English website is under maintenance. It will be available very soon. Thank you.

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