Artistic sponsorship 2024/2025

Discover the work of Alexis Pichot, a committed artist and winner of our artistic sponsorship 2024-2025. 

The works by Alexis Pichot, exhibited in this space, as well as through our website, are the result of several series: Mon cœur en hiver, Insula, Marche céleste, Séléné, Les cavaliers du froid, as well as an orphan work depicting a “troglodyte castle” in Cappadoce.

These works were fed by the artist’s inner reflections on the contrasts that permeate our lives: light and darkness, ice and fire, silence and restlessness.

“Because of my awareness of the state of our society along with the fact that I live in a city, nature has become my source of regeneration. It is from this sense of renewal that my new series Marche Céleste, a solitary and initiatory journey through the night time forest, was born.”

He invites us to accompany him in his “romantic dialogues” with nature and to an ephemeral reverie, in places to which he brings a poetic gaze and whose beauty he enhances by his talent.


Alexis Pichot is a self-taught artist who began his professional career working as an interior designer in Paris.

“At night, light and space have often been my sources of inspiration, of experimentation and confrontation but above all of fulfillment.

I question the night using physical movement, as well as using light in order to see beyond what is visible, to a place where black has not yet absorded everything.”

He has carried out various artistic projects, often in partnership with private and public institutions, such as the Hôtel National des Invalides, the Paris Opera, and the RATP.

In 2023, Alexis was selected for the 7th edition of Chico Review in the United States with the Insula series.

In 2022, he was a finalist in the #88 Space Talent Award competition with the Insula series, and pre-selected at the Circulation Festival with the Insula series.

In 2019, he received the All About Photo Merit Award with the series Seléné.

In 2017, he was pre-selected at the Circulation Festival with the Marche Céleste series.

In 2014, he was a finalist in the #60 Space Talent Scholarship competition with the Light & Paper series.




Concerned about the present time and convinced that art is both a source of reflection and a strong means of expression, thanks to the emotion it arouses, we value committed artists.

Each year, we support the work of an emerging artist who invites us to reflect on the impact of man on his environment. We put forward a selection of the artist’s work in our offices in Paris and through our institutional communication.

The winner of the 2024-2025 edition was selected by the partners and associates of our firm, sensitive to the chosen topic and its artistic treatment.

Photography allows us both to set free our imagination and to anchor ourselves in reality. The relationship between man and nature is a stake in most of the matters that we handle and it was important for us to honour artists and their interpretation of this rich and complex topic. Through this sponsorship, we are keen to present other perspectives on our relationship with nature and are willing to awaken the sensitivity and emotion of each one of us through committed works of art

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