We are Kalliopé,
an independent firm of lawyers specialised in private and public business law.

Committed to our clients since 2008

Kalliopé brings together passionate lawyers specialised in private and public business law. Our partners were trained at leading business law firms, where they gained strong expertise while witnessing the limitations of traditional structures. This is the reason why we decided to establish our firm in 2008: we wanted to develop a model that brings together the interests of our clients, partners and associates. Since then, we have been growing consistently, as our approach is based on common sense. By focusing on the needs of our clients and the values that we share with them, we ensure that our business remains naturally sound. Our lawyers are committed to supporting and providing you with global, tailored, practical and efficient solutions to solve your most complex issues.

Our nature in 7 key points

We anticipate the evolution of the legal landscape, of our profession and your activities, to support you as closely as possible to your reality.

A conviction :
collaboration creates value

We defend the idea of an organisation focused on your interests. Our teams collaborate seamlessly to resolve your most complex issues.

In an ever-changing legal environment, you can rest assured that your project is secured by a team dedicated and tailored to your needs, bringing together the most experienced lawyers on the issues that you face and sharing their know-how. Our solutions, recruitment, developments and means of remuneration are built on this philosophy and are the guarantee of this permanent collaboration.

Listen & immerse ourselves to understand the issues at stake
Analyse to sort out the issues
Interact & confront to enrich and confirm solutions
Act for your interests

A way to be
& values at your service

Kalliopé was founded on the belief that a different way of doing things was possible. We have the know-how and add to it a way to be.

Passionate, reasoned and curious, we cultivate a state of mind of sincerity, modernity, and commitment.

We approach complexity with a smile: we are serious without taking ourselves too seriously.

This is our nature.

Humanity / Energy / Interactivity / Solidarity / Adaptability / High Standards

Close to our clients in France & in Europe

Based in Paris, we also have offices in the Drôme, as close as possible to our clients.

Kalliopé is a member of the Iurope network, an alliance of full-service business law firms serving both local and international clients in Europe. In addition, we work with several best friend firms all over the world.

Together with our foreign colleagues, we support you on your issues in Europe and beyond, with the same level of commitment, quality and proximity.

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