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Kalliopé wishes you a wonderful new year!

As 2024 kicks off, we are delighted to share with you a selection of works by Alexis Pichot, a committed artist and the winner of our new artistic sponsorship 2024-2025. 

Alexis Pichot is a self-taught artist whose work is fed by the artist’s inner reflections on the contrasts that permeate our lives: light and darkness, ice and fire, silence and restlessness. 
Through his photographs, he invites us to accompany him in his “romantic dialogues” with nature and to an ephemeral reverie, in places to which he brings a poetic gaze and whose beauty he enhances by his talent.

We wish you a wonderful new year!

The Kalliopé team

Find out more about our artistic sponsorship: https://www.kalliope-law.com/en/artistic-sponsorship/ 
Find out more about Alexis Pichot: https://www.alexispichot.com

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