Litigation – Arbitration – Mediation

From the outset of a dispute to its settlement or the enforcement of a judicial or arbitral decision, we are at your side to defend your interests.

Our lawyers represent you before all courts and authorities, whether judicial, administrative, professional or arbitral, and assist you in alternative dispute resolution.

We also work with you on a daily basis to assist you in judicial expertise operations.

Although our team assists clients in all sectors, we have recognised sectoral expertise in complex litigation in the energy, infrastructure and, more generally, industrial sectors, and act in synergy with our Real Estate – Construction – Urban Planning and Environment and Industry teams.

We have also developed an equally recognised sectoral expertise in food and distribution, as well as an exclusive line of services in debt recovery, the latter allowing companies to outsource the management of their mass litigation in a very efficient manner.

Our solutions

Pre-litigation phase


  • Analysis of risks and chances of success
  • Definition of the litigation strategy
  • Interim proceedings (legal expertise, seizure, etc.)


Alternative dispute resolution methods (mediation, conciliation)


Business law litigation


  • Tort and contractual liability
  • Product liability
  • Restrictive competition practices
  • Unfair competition
  • Conflicts between partners
  • Post-acquisition litigation and implementation of asset and liability guarantees
  • Debt recovery
  • Industrial claims


Business criminal law

Assistance with:

  • Preliminary investigations
  • Criminal investigation
  • Judgement hearings

The team Litigation – Arbitration – Mediation


Academic / press publications

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  • Representing the eco-organisation, Eco-Mobilier, in litigation proceedings against the liquidators of its debtor and obtaining immediate payment of its debts which arose after the opening judgment of the collective proceedings.
  • Counsel to a waste management company in connection with a major incident related to the deconstruction of a power plant, which resulted in a large-scale environmental incident (deposit of lead dust).
  • Advising and representing a lingerie manufacturer and distributor group in several strategic insurance disputes in connection with a cyber-attack claim.
  • Representation, before the Paris Commercial Court, of a leading energy group in a contractual liability action, following damage affecting a geothermal well.
  • Advising a leading energy group in the context of judicial expertise concerning damage affecting the refractory of a biomass boiler feeding an urban heating network.
  • Advising a leading energy group in the context of judicial expertise concerning a damage to a turbine connected to an incineration unit.
  • Advising a leading energy group as part of a court-ordered expert appointment concerning damages related to rising groundwater that could be caused by the construction and commissioning of an urban heating network.
  • Advising a leading energy group in a court case relating to defects in a heating network it built and operates, powered by a wood-fired boiler.
  • Representation, before the Paris Court of Appeal, of a geothermal engineering firm, in connection with the search for its contractual liability related to the work-over of a submersible pump.
  • Representation, before the Commercial Court of Toulouse, of a leading group operating in the waste treatment sector, in connection with an incident (lead pollution) for which it is accused following infrastructure cutting works in a hydroelectric dam.
  • Advising a leading group in the waste management sector in the context of a judicial expertise concerning the deconstruction of a bridge structure that led to its collapse.
  • Counsel to a group operating in the nuclear sector regarding administrative authority controls in tanks.
  • Representing a leading supplier of offshore wind turbines in an arbitration concerning serial defects in the rotor bearings of wind turbines.
  • Represented a company in a post-sale dispute over the valuation of shares in its wholly-owned subsidiary.
  • Representation of a Moroccan company in a dispute relating to the contractual non-performance of a Spanish supplier.

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