Contract drafting and negotiation

Our team assists a wide range of companies operating in many sectors of activity, in France and internationally, from start-ups to large groups.

We support you at all stages of your development, whether in the context of developing your contractual strategy, or in negotiating and drafting your internal and international contracts.

Beyond contractual techniques, we know that each sector has its own specificities, which is why we are always ready to listen to you in order to offer you contractual solutions that perfectly meet your sectoral needs.

We therefore offer a tailored service, covering in particular the agri-food sector and the renewable energy sector, and work in synergy with our teams dedicated to these areas of activity within our law firm.

Finally, we also provide your teams with training on contractual techniques and related legal news.

Our solutions

Commercial contracts


  • General terms and conditions of sale and purchase
  • Single commercial agreement
  • Franchise
  • Representation and networking agreements
  • Distribution (exclusive/selective)
  • Partnership agreement
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Development contracts


Turnkey sector contracts


  • Renewable energy sector: partnership agreements, PPA, EPC, O&M, etc.
  • Agri-food sector: single agreements, private label production contracts, distribution contracts, etc.



The team Contract drafting and negotiation


Academic / press publications

  • Julie Gayrard, “Significant imbalance is sanctioned even if it (allegedly) benefits the consumer: Amazon fined €4 million (2020)”, Electronic Commerce Communication (No. 12, 2019), December 2019.
  • Julie Gayrard, “Commercial negotiations (again) revised by EGA Lim Order no. 2019-359”, JCP G, 23 September 2019. EGA lim n°2019-359”, JCP G, 23 September 2019.


  • Drafting, for the SAMC subsidiary of an aeronautics group, of various commercial contracts, particularly in the industrial field.
  • Drafting, for a wind project developer, of various contracts in the field of wind project development (EPC, O&M, assistance contracts).
  • Drafting, for a French catering and distribution group, of a contract for the purchase of raw materials.
  • Drafting, for a spirits manufacturer, of a production contract under a private label.
  • Drafting, for a spirits manufacturer, of an online flash sales contract.
  • Drafting, for a company involved in the purchase-resale of EECs, of a framework contract for encouraging energy saving.
  • Drafting, for a start-up involved in the redistribution of food surpluses, a framework contract for services.
  • Drafting of supply and production contracts for the holder of plant breeders’ rights for a fruit.
  • Drafting, for a wine trading company, of a contract for the purchase and processing of wine beverages.

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