Public services and public stakeholders

Our expertise is aimed at both public sector stakeholders: public institutions, local authorities and public companies, as well as private operators, who are increasingly faced with public law issues.

We work in all areas of public business law, both as advisors and in litigation.

Our team regularly works in “project management” mode when setting up economic activities on the public domain or when creating public services or renewing the management method of public services.

In this context, we work at your side, taking into account the various regulatory constraints, in determining the most appropriate contractual arrangement (contracts, concessions, semi-public companies, local public companies, ad hoc companies, etc.) for the project under consideration, securing its award, drafting it and negotiating it.

We are also experienced in State aid issues and in securing the various administrative acts taken by public stakeholders.

We conduct our risk analysis using our “business” expertise.

Finally, we advise and represent you in litigation before the administrative courts.

Our solutions

Public services and public stakeholders


  • Public service management methods
  • Public authority responsibility
  • Public works
  • Administrative acts
  • General and special administrative policy
  • Relations between the public and the administration
  • State aid and economic intervention


Public domain


  • Enhancing the public and private domain
  • Building public domain
  • Competitive bidding
  • Downgrading


Public procurement and complex set-up


  • Public procurement and partnership contracts
  • Concession of services and works
  • Semi-public companies, local public companies, ad hoc companies
  • Drafting of contracts and contractual arrangements
  • Awarding and performance
  • Analysis of the legal bankability of the project
  • Risk prevention and project audits
  • Project management




  • Regulatory obligations for carrying out certain activities
  • Administrative authorisation regime
  • Disputes by independent administrative authorities


Administrative disputes


  • Summary proceedings
  • Contractual disputes
  • Action to set aside (full litigation and excess of power)
  • Compensation litigation

The team Public services and public stakeholders



  • Completion and coordination of training with companies holding airport concessions on airport works and environmental regulatory procedures (2019).


  • Representation of a local authority in the context of legal proceedings for liability following the accidental pollution of a road by a transporter of dangerous products.
  • Advising an airport operator in connection with the procurement procedure relating to the renewal of an airport concession located in mainland France.
  • Advising an airport operator in the context of pre-contractual summary proceedings initiated by a competitor excluded from a procedure for renewing an airport concession.
  • Advising a developer of renewable energy projects on the risks associated with the implementation of different support tools for territories and local authorities.
  • Advising a local authority in the context of court-appointed expert proceedings relating to the conditions for carrying out works on a sports and Olympic site.
  • Advising a consortium to analyse the legal feasibility of an innovative urban logistics project and to compare the different possible legal arrangements.
  • Advising an operator of an industrial site on the risks resulting from the discovery, on the site, of illegally buried waste.
  • Advising a property developer to challenge the legality of a refusal of a building permit relating to a residential building located in Ile-de-France.
  • Advising a property operator in the context of appeals on the merits and in summary proceedings brought by neighbours against building permits and amended permits authorising the renovation of an office building located in Paris.
  • Advising a renewable energy producer in the design, drafting and negotiation of a partnership with a local authority with a view to bringing it into the capital of a project company.
  • Advising a public works concessionaire on the operation of an airport car park in the context of the implementation of a litigation strategy aimed at obtaining payment of occupancy charges due from car rental companies.
  • Advising an airport operator on the analysis of the chances of success of a claim filed with the licensing authority following a change in the operation of airport policing facilities.
  • Advising the winning consortium in connection with the procedure for negotiating a partnership contract relating to the construction of a set of public buildings: review and negotiation of the project contractual documentation (partnership contract, sub-contracts, etc.) and the financing documentation.

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